Where Can I go Camping for free

You maybe sat there thinking of going camping for the weekend but don`t have any money to pay for a camp site. Have you ever thought of where can I go camping for free, take a look below.

Where Not To Camp

The wild camping code of conduct was put in place to ensure that hikers can practice wild camping in an efficient way that will cause minimal or no impact or damage to the natural landscape as well as the people and wildlife who call it there home.

The code of conduct supports the principle of leave no trace. This means that wild camping in locations, should be left exactly as campers found them, with no trace and no sign that you had ever been there.

There Are Several Practices Within The Code That You Should Follow

Campers should avoid staying in one location for too long (no longer than one to three days) and should keep their camping numbers small. This practice is in place in order to avoid causing damage to the land, within a specific camping spot.

Picking A Location

When it comes to picking a location, you must pick a spot that is out of sight of buildings, roads and any livestock. Campers within an area should be as unobtrusive as possible. In addition to picking a remote spot, you should use equipment that blends into the landscape for example, a dark camouflage brown or green tent would be better than a bright yellow one that would easily stand out.

Digging Ditches

Digging ditches ie, (drainage) or moving large rocks or stones is not acceptable in wild camping, so think about this when you choose a spot. You should also avoid picking a spot close to water sources, in order not to disturb animals that live next to, or visit that water source.

Going To The Toilet

You must bury all toilet waste at a minimum of 100 to 200 feet away from any water source, and this applies to urination as well. It is not acceptable to cover up toilet waste with vegetation or rocks. Bring a trowel with you which will make it easier to dig a hole for burying your waste.

While human waste should be buried, tampons and sanitary towels should never be buried, instead remove with the rest of your rubbish, otherwise animals will dig it up. Also remove any string or wire as this could harm wildlife.

Cleaning and Washing

It’s important not to use products such as shampoo, soap or detergents in local water sources like rivers, ponds and lakes. Instead, use alcohol gels and wipes and be sure to take away any wipes with you when you go. Think about taking water with you to wash with or clean yourself away from the water source.

When To Arrive And When To Leave

In terms of finding a camping spot, it is important to pitch a campsite late and leave early in the morning (consider late after 6pm and early before 8am). The later you can pitch and the earlier you can leave, the better.

Asking For Permission

If you can, you should ask the land owner for permission before setting up camp, if asked to leave you should do so, without making a fuss. Speaking to the landowner beforehand is a good opportunity to ask for advice on which locations are particularly good for wild camping and of course, always be respectful.

Cooking Facilities

It is always preferable to use a cooking stove or grill rather than making an open fire in order to avoid impacting the landscape ie: damaging the land. If you do want to make fires, you should first check that you are allowed to do so, as open fires are banned in certain locations.

Campers or Hikers who do make fires, should do so in a responsible manner, keep the fire small, ensure it is never left alone or unattended and making sure there is no trace of the fire when you leave. It is also very important that you do not damage trees and other vegetation when making a fire, only use wood gathered from around you, on the ground. Never cut down a healthy tree. Small twigs or branches that have naturally broken off from trees, or bring your own fuel.

Leave No Trace

Finally, you should never leave any rubbish or equipment behind and is good practice to remove any litter that has been left behind by other people, you will feel better for it. Also, be quiet and respectful of your surroundings.

Getting Permission From The Land Owner

There are specific rules that govern access to wild camping in the UK. The rules are generally split between Scotland and the rest of the country, with Scotland benefiting from open right-to-roam rules. Scotland is indeed the only area of the UK that effectively allows wild camping anywhere. There are websites you can join out there, so you can feel at ease when your camping.

UK Knife Law-A Guide for Campers and Hikers

A person found in possession of a bladed or pointed article in a public place is committing an offence in the UK under section 139 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988. The law doesn’t apply to non-locking folding blades measuring under 3 inches, if you have a good reason or lawful authority to be carrying the blade, you can contest your innocence. However, the burden of proof is on you, and the prosecution may try to pick holes in your argument.


Free camping, often referred to as ‘dispersed camping’ or ‘wild camping,’ offers an adventurous and affordable way to explore the great outdoors. National forests, Bureau of Land Management areas, and certain state parks and beaches provide excellent opportunities for free camping across the United States.

While amenities are minimal, the experience of connecting with nature in its purest form is unmatched. It’s essential to research the specific regulations and requirements of your chosen destination, practice Leave No Trace principles, and be fully prepared for self-sufficiency.

Whether you’re looking to stargaze in a secluded desert, wake up to a serene lakeside view, or immerse yourself in a lush forest, free camping spots are out there waiting for you to discover them. Remember, with the freedom of camping for free comes the responsibility to preserve these natural spaces for future generations to enjoy.

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