Hiking And Camping For Beginners

For those looking to explore nature, there is no better way than to go camping. Whether it’s a solo camping trip or a family outing, the great outdoors can provide a much-needed rest from everyday life. However, for those new to camping, it can be quite intimidating. From deciding where to camp, and what to bring, there are many decisions to be made.

But with the right preparation, a successful and enjoyable camping trip is within reach. With a few basic tips and tricks, beginners can learn how to make the most out of their camping experience. From knowing what to pack to set up a campsite, camping can be a fun and rewarding adventure for all. So, here is my hiking and camping for beginners guide. Let`s go.

Inside of a tent looking out at the forest on a sunny day

What is camping?

When it comes to the definition of camping, there is no one standard. Camping can be defined as spending time outdoors, often in a recreational way. Camping can be done in many different ways, from staying in a cabin or yurt to sleeping in a hammock. There are many different types of camping as well. Some popular types of camping include car camping, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, and glamping.

Car camping is often a great first step into the world of camping. This type of camping allows for easy and quick set up and take down, often at a campground. This can be a great way to get a taste of what camping is like without having to deal with the hardships that are associated with backpacking. Depending on the type of camping, many different advantages can come with it.

Benefits of camping

When it comes to the benefits of camping, there are many. Some of these can include getting a break from the everyday grind, being able to spend time with loved ones, the chance to go on adventures, the chance to enjoy nature like never before, and much more. When you go camping, you have the chance to experience a new and different way of life.

When you go camping, you have the chance to get a break from the grind of everyday life. Many people go camping each year to get away from the stresses and worries that everyday life can bring.

Camping gives people the chance to take a step back from their busy lives and just relax and enjoy the outdoors. This can be a great way to clear the mind and get some rest. Camping also gives people the chance to spend time with loved ones, whether it be family members or friends.

When you go camping, you have the chance to be around those you love and build memories that will last a lifetime. Camping can also have it`s dangers as well, take a look at my 5 dangers of camping under trees

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Deciding where to go camping

Deciding where to go camping is, of course, the first decision all beginners must make. There are many factors to consider, such as the type of camping, the climate, and what type of terrain is nearby.

Types of camping

There are many different types of camping to consider, each with its pros and cons. Deciding on the type of camping you want to do will depend on your interests, as well as what is available in the area.

Climate and weather

There are many factors to consider when it comes to climate and weather. Depending on how cold you like it and how much rain you can handle will help narrow down the places you can go camping.


When you decide where to go camping, it’s important to decide the type of terrain you want to be around. This can help you narrow down the places you can go camping and give you an idea of what you can expect.

Essential camping gear

When you go off camping for the weekend, you need to have the right gear to make the most out of the experience. While not all of these items are required, they are recommended for a better camping experience. Depending on the type of camping you do, you may already have some of the items listed below.


A good and reliable tent is the best way to shield you from the elements and protect you from inclement weather. Tent sizes and styles are very different, so make sure you get what you need and don`t be cheap as rain will penetrate, make sure you get a tent with taped seams.

Sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is the best way to stay warm and comfortable in any weather. You can find sleeping bags in a variety of different fabrics and temperatures like goose down or duck down, to ensure you are warm.


Whether you are backpacking or car camping, a good and reliable backpack is essential. A backpack is the best way to carry your gear, make sure to carry a backpack rain cover should you encounter inclement weather. Take a look at one of my previous posts, benefits of a rucksack rain cover.

Water bottle

A water bottle is a great way to stay hydrated and healthy while you are camping. Make sure to take enough water (2 Litres minimum) so you have enough water for drinking, cooking and hot beverages. Look out for water taps and other water sources on your travels like troughs and lakes, and make sure to take along a camping water filter with you to cleanse the water first or make sure to boil the water before consumption. If you’re taking your dog along, you will need plenty of water for them as well, so you will need to take double the quantity.

Sleeping Pad

If you are car camping, you can skip the sleeping pad although that little bit of extra padding is nice and will make for a better sleep. However, if you are backpacking or camping somewhere where the ground is rough, a sleeping pad is an essential bit of kit and a great way to protect yourself from the lumps and bumps.

Picture of a campervan with its doors open revealing the bed and various items

Setting up a campsite

When you go camping, you are essentially creating a campsite to call home for a few days. This can be done in a variety of ways and can depend on the type of camping you are doing.

Car camping

Car camping is often the easiest type of camping to set up. You can set up your campsite in a large open field or parking lot or a campsite.


When you go backpacking, you need to be prepared for rough terrain, which means setting up your campsite will be a little more difficult. As much as possible, try to find flat ground that is away from the trails and always check your surroundings. Always pitch your tent on high ground in case of torrential rain. Never pitch your tent where there is livestock as this could be very dangerous, again, check your surroundings.

Canoeing or kayaking

If you go canoeing or kayaking, you can set up your campsite almost anywhere. There are many places to camp along rivers and lakes, where you can launch your canoe or kayak and enjoy a peaceful day on the water. You can also set up camp on the shore of a lake or river and spend a few days exploring the area. You can take in the beautiful scenery, spot wildlife and enjoy a peaceful, relaxing time.

Campfire safety

When you go camping, it’s inevitable that at some point you will make a fire. Whether it’s for cooking food, for warmth, or just for fun, an open flame is inevitable. This can lead to danger. A campfire is a great way to add to the experience, but it can also be dangerous if not done properly.

There are some important safety tips to keep in mind when building a campfire. Before deciding where to build a campfire, always check with the landowner to see if it’s allowed, this can help prevent wildfires.

In the UK, you can`t go and camp anywhere, you need permission from the land owner but these rules don`t apply to the whole of the UK. Take a look at my article about, where can I go camping for free.

Always use an appropriate fuel source. This means using wood that is either dead or down. You can also use a fuel source like propane or natural gas. Make sure the fire is in an open area away from flammable trees and bushes. Make sure that the fire is OUT and the remainder of the fire is either buried or scattered before leaving the area.

Tent pitch near a lake with a view of the island in front as the sun is going down

Camping meals

When you go camping, you can usually expect to do some cooking over an open flame. This means that you’ll need to know what meals to make and how to cook them properly. When you go camping, especially when you are backpacking, you need to keep your meals lightweight and easy to make. There are many different meals you can make while camping, but here are a few of the most popular.

Instant oatmeal

Oatmeal is a great camping meal because it’s easy to make and can be eaten as a snack as well.

Breakfast sandwiches

Breakfast sandwiches are great because you can make them as big or small as you want. You can also add different toppings to make them more interesting and nutritious. There is nothing like a bacon and sausage sandwich in the morning along with a nice cup of tea.


Potatoes are a great source of carbohydrates, which are the fuel your body needs for energy. You can make them in many different ways, such as in foil or coals also, take a look at my post about just add water backpacking meals, these meals are very easy to prepare and give you all the nutrition you need.

Camping safety tips

When you go camping, there are a few things you can do to ensure you stay safe. While you want to embrace the outdoors and all it has to offer, you also want to be safe at the same time.

Before you go camping, be sure you have the right gear and know how to use it. This can help reduce the risk of injury and possibly save your life. Here are a few other tips to help keep you safe while camping.

Stay hydrated

This can be one of the most important things to remember while camping. Dehydration can be a serious risk, especially if you are doing strenuous activities like hiking. Make sure to drink plenty of water.

Wear sunscreen

While you are outside, you are still exposed to the sun. This can cause several issues, such as sunburn. Make sure to wear sunscreen to protect yourself from damage.

Wear bug spray

While you are outside, you are likely to run into bugs. This can be bothersome, but it can also put you at risk from disease. Make sure to wear bug spray to keep the bugs away and protect yourself from illness.

First Aid Kit

Make sure to carry a first aid kit as you never know what may happen on your week or weekend adventure.

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Deciding where to go camping is the first step to taking the next step towards being an overnight back country adventurer. No matter what type of camping you are interested in, there are a variety of places to go to and choose from. However, not all camping spots are ideal for beginners. The best way to find the best camping spot is to do some research.

Some of the best places to go camping include state and national parks, public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the U.S. Forest Service, and even private land that has been open to the public and has received approval to host camping. You also want to watch out for dangerous wildlife depending on which country you live in. Take a look at my camping checklist. Don`t forget that all important waterproof jacket and hiking boots.

Happy camping


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