How To Build A Treehouse For The Kids

Each year, a great number of children play outside. Unfortunately, many of those children experience boredom very quickly. If you are the parent of one of these children, you may have searched high and low for a solution. In your search, it is likely that you may have come across treehouses so, want to know how build a treehouse for the kids. Then read on.

These structures offer most children an unlimited amount of fun. In fact, you may find that your child or children don’t want to leave their newly constructed treehouse. You may also find that, they might want to sleep in it as well, depending on the weather of course. So read on and learn how to build a treehouse for the kids.

While treehouses are fun to play in, there is something that is even more exciting than playing in them, the process of designing and constructing them. A treehouse is something that you and your child will likely never forget building together. On top of that, the treehouse will serve as a reminder of that special time together after they have grown up.

And don`t forget your grand kids, I am sure they will enjoy it as well. Therefore, if your child does not already have a treehouse, you may want to consider making one.

Building A Treehouse

To build a treehouse, you may need to have a tree. While a tree is a vital part of a treehouse, it’s not necessarily required. If you only have small trees in your back garden, which can’t accommodate a treehouse, you can still build your child a fun playhouse instead. You will just have to build it on the ground.

Your First Steps

The first step in constructing and designing your own treehouse, is to familiarize yourself with all of your options like, where you`re going to build it. When making your child or children a treehouse, you can design the structure in a number of different ways.

I would advise you to examine popular treehouse designs and plans. In addition to giving you structural ideas, you may want to add a pole they can slide down, a rope they can climb up or even a slide, which drops down into a small pool, the choices are endless.

Familiarize Yourself With Design

Perhaps, the easiest way to familiarize yourself with treehouse designs is to use the internet. Performing a standard internet search, using the words “tree house plans PDF” or “how to build a treehouse free”, you should be provided with a number of different links.

These links should take you to a website that offers tips, detailed illustrations and directions, or ideas for building a treehouse. If you are able to find the treehouse that your child or children like, you may want to print off all applicable information, including building guides or instruction manuals.

In addition to using the internet, you may also want to visit your local book store or library. There are a number of books and guides that are available. These books and guides, like the ones found on the internet, should provide you with illustrations and detailed plans and directions on how to build a treehouse or playhouse.

If your local book store or library does not have any tree house books, you may want to search for books online like eBay. Once you have found the treehouse that you would like to build, you will need to purchase building supplies.

These supplies may include, a drill, wood, nails, screws, and other common tools. In most cases, you should be able to purchase the supplies that you need from your local hardware store like Walmart or B&Q. If your local hardware store does not carry all of the needed materials, you should be able to find them for sale online.

33 Free DIY Tree house Plans


When it comes time to build your child’s treehouse, you will want to keep them involved in the process. While your child may not be involved in the actual building process, there are many other ways that you can use their assistance.

After you have gone over the construction plans a few times, you may want to have your child read you the directions as you go along or hand you the materials you need for the build the tree house. No matter how large or small their part is, your child will likely be excited and happy that you had them involved in the process.

Good luck and happy building


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2 thoughts on “How To Build A Treehouse For The Kids”

  1. Thank you so much for this post over how to build a treehouse for our kids.  I think, the hardest part is actully trying to find the right design that you can work with.  once you get that, though, it is much more easy to deal with.  There are so many different designs.  Also, making sure that the tree you build it on is stable enough is another big thing.  Otherwise, it could hurt your children!

    • Hi Jessie, Your first thought to building any treehouse for your child is safety. At the bottom of the page you will see a link to plans to building a treehouse for your child along with design. You could always build a fort for the boys and a Wendy house for the girls, on the ground if you are concerned about safety. Thank you for your comment. Have a great day.


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