Another School Holiday

Do you ever find yourself saying “oh no, another school holiday”. As you know, Children are very active. A lot of children participate in a number of different after school activities, including swimming, football, etc. Unfortunately, when schools out for six weeks, there are many children that do not know what to do during the school holidays.

If you are the parent of a child of school age, who is currently on their summer holidays, and you’re thinking, “oh no! summer holidays are here”, you may want to think about encouraging your child or kids to go outside and play.

In fact, many children don’t even think about the outdoors, they bury their heads in a phone or a computer, and you don`t see them until tea time. But there are plenty of benefits to being outside.

Whatever age your child is, it is very important to get outdoors. Whether they enjoy relaxing by the pool (if you have one),or playing some kind of sport, they can benefit from the outdoors. To enjoy the outside, you and your child don’t even have to leave your back garden.

With a large variety of different outdoor activities available, it is likely that they will never have a boring moment.

There are a great deal of benefits to playing in your own back garden. Perhaps, one of the greatest benefits is that your child will be able to get a lot of exercise. Getting outside and moving around is a great way to burn calories and stay fit and healthy.

While all activities burn a lot of calories, there are a number of popular back garden activities, that burn more than others. Those activities may include football, swimming or basketball. You could even take your child or children down to your local park, some states even have barbecues at these parks.

But, if your local park does not have barbecues, take a picnic. Depending on the age of your child, being outside may help them develop a fondness for the outdoors.

By encouraging your child to play outside, at an early age, you may be preparing them for a lifetime of outdoor fun, like hiking, camping or travel in general.

It is best to take your child outside to play when they are young, but it is never too late for a child to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors. No matter what the age of your child, you should take a day out for them at least once or twice a week, and make the whole day about them.

Whether you play football, go swimming, play down your local park or play in the back garden. In addition to teaching your child to enjoy the outdoors, taking them outside may also be educational.

Many young children, especially toddlers, love to explore. Together, you could explore everything that the outdoors has to offer. To add an extra bit of excitement to your nature expeditions, you may want to consider purchasing books on insects, plants, flowers or even birds.

What about taking your child fishing, fishing is another great way to bond with your child. This may help turn an outdoor activity into something that they will never forget. What about a knotted rope attached to a Tyre, what did you do as a child for fun?

To peak your child’s interest with the outdoors, you may want to think about a number of other back garden activities. These activities may depend on the age of your child. Toddlers are quite easy to entertain, whereas older children are not.

In addition to age appropriate activities, you will want to find certain back garden activities or games which will require you to purchase some equipment like a football, tent, swimming pool, basketball net, etc.

While some of this equipment may be expensive, you can find low-cost alternatives at most stores. You could also include a picnic in your own back garden or down the park. I remember playing down the local park as a child and finding a rope swing tied to a tree over a river, I had hours of fun!

Back gardens can be fun, and remember, your back garden isn’t just to relax in, they are a playground as well. They are even better when explored with their friends. A lot goes on in your garden with regard to wildlife!

Whether you setup a special day with your toddler or let your teenager invite their friends over, it is almost guaranteed that they will have a great day, and a memorable day.

In addition to friends, you may also want to organize a family party, like a disco in your back garden. Garden campouts, barbecues and discos, are a great way to experience the outdoors and spend lots of quality time together. Think about buying an inexpensive gazebo, to put your food under or your disco in.


How about a Pinata, a decorated figure of an animal containing toys and sweets that is suspended from a certain height and broken open by a blindfolded child, even adults can get in on the fun as well, as part of your day.

You are encouraged to let your children assist you with organizing the activities. By letting your child help you prepare food or setup camping equipment or a gazebo, you may also be helping them understand responsibility.

Whatever you do during the summer holidays, make sure you enjoy yourself, what you do with regard to activities with your child at a young age and into their teens, will create a very strong bond between family now and later in life. Have a happy holiday.


There’s nothing more fun than getting outdoors with your kids and enjoying some quality family time. From playing catch to exploring a nearby park or beach, there are so many ways to have fun in the sun. You can create games of your own and teach your kids about nature, or take a bike ride and stop for a picnic.

The possibilities are endless! And if you want to take it up a notch, you can plan a camping trip or a hike. Just make sure you bring plenty of snacks to keep everyone’s energy levels up. Whatever activity you choose, there’s no doubt that your kids will have a blast.

Not only will they get to have some fun, but they’ll also get to appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors. So get out there and make some memories!


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