The Ultimate Guide to the Top 3 Vango Tents for 2023

Are you ready to upgrade your camping experience? Whether you’re an avid camper looking to upgrade your gear or a first-timer ready to take the plunge, Vango tents are a perfect choice. Vango has been producing high-quality tents since 1966, and they’ve become a go-to choice for many campers. In this guide, we’ll be looking at the top 3 Vango tents for 2023. We’ll discuss their features, benefits, and more, so you can make an informed decision when you purchase your new tent. Get ready to make your camping experience a whole lot better as we take a look at the ultimate guide to the top 3 vango tents for 2023. Let`s get started.

Features And Benefits Of Vango Tents

There are a few key features and benefits of Vango tents that you’ll want to keep in mind before you make your purchase. We’ll discuss a few of them in detail below.


Many of the Vango tents on this list are made with high-quality materials that are built to last! You can expect your tent to withstand years of wear and tear with minimal fading or damage.


One of the most important aspects of any tent is ventilation. It’s crucial for regulating temperature and preventing condensation build-up. Vango tents have excellent ventilation, which makes them great for all four seasons.

Vista roof

Another important aspect of Vango tents is the vista roof. This is a large roof window that allows you to enjoy the view even when you’re inside your tent.

Top 3 Vango Tents For 2023

Now that we’ve talked about some of the important features and benefits of Vango tents, let’s take a look at the top 3 Vango tents for 2023. I`ve chosen a wide range of tents so that there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a solo camper or traveling in a large group, there’s a tent on this list for you.

Vango Banshee 200

Lightweight and Compact

One of the key features of the Banshee 200 is its lightweight and compact nature, weighing just over 2kg, which makes it ideal for backpacking trips.

Tunnel Design

The tent has a tunnel design which helps maximize the internal space while keeping it simple and quick to pitch.

Flysheet and Inner Pitch Together

The flysheet and inner pitch together, which makes it easy to set up and break down, particularly in poor weather.

TBS II Tension Band System

This patented system braces the poles to prevent lateral movement in strong wind, providing stability and structural integrity to the tent.

Durable Material

The tent uses a Protex 70 denier polyester flysheet which is highly waterproof (5000mm hydrostatic head rating) and durable.


It also features a breathable polyester inner to minimize condensation and a durable polyethylene groundsheet.

Two Doors

The tent features two doors and two storage areas, one for each occupant, providing good access and storage space.

Storage Pockets

Inside, you’ll find handy storage pockets for stowing gear and lantern hanging points.

Reflective High Strength Guy-lines

These increase the tent’s visibility, which is particularly useful at night or in low-light conditions.

Fast Pack Tent Bag

The tent comes with a specially designed bag that allows quick and simple pack-away, with oversized opening and compression straps.

The Vango Alpha 300 Tent

The Vango Alpha 300 is a dome-style tent designed to accommodate up to three people, making it an excellent choice for a small group of campers or a couple seeking more space. Here’s a brief overview of its features:

Design and Construction

The Alpha 300 features a ‘gothic arch’ pole structure which provides extra stability and helps to reduce the amount of rainwater sitting on top of the tent. The fabric is a combination of a durable polyester flysheet and breathable polyester inner, which allows for a decent amount of airflow to prevent condensation.

Easy Assembly

The Alpha 300 is equipped with a pitching time of about 10 minutes, thanks to its simple two-pole design. It comes with color-coded poles to ensure easy setup.


It offers a spacious sleeping area for three people, along with a porch space that’s ideal for storing equipment. This tent manages to strike a balance between living space and weight, making it a reasonable option for backpacking.

Weather Resistance

The tent has a 3000mm hydrostatic head rating, meaning it can handle quite a heavy downpour without letting in water. Additionally, the polyester flysheet is fire retardant and has a UV protection factor of 30+ to protect from sun’s rays.


To ensure that the interior of the tent remains comfortable, there are vents to improve air circulation and minimize the possibility of condensation.


With its compact pack size and total weight of around 4.4 kg, the Vango Alpha 300 is reasonably portable for a tent of its size.

Additional Features

It also comes with a lantern hanging points and inner pockets for small item storage. It also includes high visibility guy-lines to reduce the chance of tripping in low-light conditions.

The Vango Icarus 500 Tent

The tent is named “500” because it is designed to comfortably sleep up to 5 people, making it an ideal choice for family camping trips or groups of friends. Here are some notable features of the Vango Icarus 500:

Spacious Design

The Vango Icarus 500 is designed with a large living area and sleeping quarters, providing ample space for camping equipment and personal belongings. The bedrooms are also darkened to help ensure a good night’s sleep.

Easy to Pitch

Vango’s patented TBS II Tension Band System ensures the tent performs in adverse conditions, especially in strong, changeable winds. With color-coded poles and an intuitive design, it can be set up quickly and easily.

Quality Materials

The tent is made from high-quality, durable materials that can withstand various weather conditions. The flysheet and groundsheet are fully seam-sealed to provide complete waterproof protection.


The Vango Icarus 500 includes vents to encourage air circulation, reducing the potential for condensation and maintaining a comfortable interior climate.

Entrances and Windows

The tent features a large, easy-to-use door for easy access, and clear PVC windows with curtains, allowing for a flood of light during the day and your privacy at night.

Added Convenience

Features like a lantern hanging points and storage pockets make life inside the tent even more comfortable and organized.

How To Choose The Right Vango Tent

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a new Vango tent. First, decide how many people will be using the tent. If you’re traveling with a large group, you might want to consider the Vango Exodus 400 Tent. Next, decide which features are most important to you. See above for a list of features and benefits of Vango tents. Finally, pick a tent that fits your budget.

Vango tents are reasonably priced, but there are a wide variety of options, so you’re sure to find something that works for you. Let’s discuss a couple more tips for choosing the right Vango tent.


Think about when and where you’ll be camping. Is it for all four seasons? Do you expect a lot of rain? Are you in an area with lots of sunlight? All of these factors can impact your tent selection.


Consider personal comfort. Will the tent be easy to set up? Is it lightweight and easy to carry around? Does it fit well in your vehicle?

These are all important factors to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a new tent. My advice is to buy a 2 man tent if you`re camping on your own, room enough for you to sleep and room for your equipment. If there is two of you, buy a 3 man tent for both of you and your equipment. If there’s three of you, buy a 4 man tent and so on, you get the idea.


Vango tents are an excellent choice for campers of all skill levels. They are easy to use, easy to set up, and easy to transport. Plus, they come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, so there’s a tent for every person. If you’re looking to upgrade your camping experience and make your trips more comfortable and enjoyable, consider purchasing a Vango tent. They’re great value and provide many benefits for a reasonable price.

Happy camping


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