How To use A Ferro Rod!

Making fire with a ferro rod is a great way to start an outdoor campfire. One popular type of ferro rod on the market is the “Bear Grills” ferro rod. Learning how to use a ferro rod, could save your life. Ferro rods are made from a mixture of metal alloys, 50 percent cerium, 25 percent lanthanum, 15 percent neodymium and can be used thousands of times. They are also waterproof, which means you won’t have to worry about getting your fire starter wet during your camping trip.

In addition to being waterproof, the fire starters are resistant to melting, which is good for preventing any chance of fire starting, they are also rustproof and can even withstand high and low temperatures. If you’re hiking in the winter, these may come in handy for starting a fire to warm up your hands and feet and cooking your food. Let`s take a look at, How To Use A Ferro Rod!

How do you use a ferro rod?

You can strike the rod with the back edge of your knife, or edged piece of steel which usually comes with the kit. (it’s the metal rod that is used to start your fire). This will produce sparks. The sparks will then, hopefully, fly into the tinder and create your fire. Avoid the sparks from going on your clothes, in your eyes, and on your skin.

What type of kindling will you need to use with the ferro rod?

To ignite the ferro rods sparks, you will need to use small pieces of wood (or similar material) to get the fire going. Make sure you use plenty of tinder, like fibrous material cotton rope, char cloth, para-cord, hemp rope, dry leaves, birch bark, dry grass or wood shavings. Light the tinder and blow gently until it bursts into flame.

Don`t forget, preparing your wood before using the ferro rod is always a good idea. You don`t want a good flame and nothing too put on it. You will only have to start over. Learn to use your ferro rod before you build an open fire. Put out the flame after a few seconds and let it cool down before cleaning up your mess. Have a practice with your ferro rod before your first camping trip!

Make fire on your own without matches! you can always take some matches or a lighter with you if this makes you feel more comfortable as a backup, but try not to use them.

Do Ferro rods wear out?

The simple answer to this question is, the average ferro rod will last between 10,000 to 20,000 strikes, depending on the ferro rod. One person could easily go camping many times a year and still only need one ferro rod. They can last you many many years to come. So they are a very good investment and a life saver.

Are Ferro Rods Cheap?

You can buy ferro rods in a range of sizes. Ferro rods range from £6.00 to £20.00. Amazon or eBay has a good range of ferro rods. Ferro rods work quickly and do not depend on external factors like sunlight, lighters or matches.

What size ferro rod is best?

The ideal length is about four to five inches including the handle. This is short enough that you don`t have to worry about the ferro rod breaking and long enough that you can comfortably use it without bashing or hurting your hand.

What’s In A Ferro Rod Kit?

A complete kit for all-weather fire lighting, provided in a pocket-size case to keep everything to hand.

Includes a top quality, chunky Ferro rod that produces a shower of 3,000°C sparks, and will start hundreds of fires.

The durable steel Striker also doubles as a bottle opener, making it the perfect campfire buddy.

A Telescopic Bellows tube that allows you to directly feed oxygen into the heart of the fire, turning even the most difficult to light fuel into a stable fire within minutes.

A typical kit contains a supply of water-resistant Tinder Sticks or char cloth which make starting fires a pleasure and not a chore. The Sharpener can be used to shave the Waxed Dowels or collected sticks into hot burning kindling.


Th ferro rod proves to be a valuable tool for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists alike. Its composition of metal alloys, including cerium, lanthanum, and neodymium, ensures durability and reliability, allowing for thousands of uses. Mastering the skill of using a ferro rod is not only a practical outdoor skill but could also be crucial in emergency situations, potentially saving lives.

The waterproof nature of ferro rods adds an extra layer of convenience, eliminating concerns about fire starters getting wet during camping trips. Investing in a quality ferro rod, can significantly enhance one’s ability to start a fire in challenging conditions, making it an essential companion for any outdoor adventure.

Happy camping



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